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Enersur is the branch of the activity devoted to the fostering of renewable energies. Since 2004, Enersur has developed this integrated approach to olive and all the waste produced. When doing this, the company contributes to sustainable development of society through biodiesel production, electrical cogeneration system, treatment and recovery of waste, that is highly pollutant, and increasing the efficiency of biomass.


biodiesel webBIODIESEL

Enersur biodiesel is the first company in Spain devoted to the production of biodiesel from oilseed. The Olcesa biodiesel plant is a national reference in Tarancón (Cuenca). Regarding energy, Enersur activity contributes to create a clean environment and a sustainable society. Enersur produces over 60,000 tons of biodisel /year with an investment of more than 25 million euros.






biomasa webBIOMASA

In Puente del Obispo and Jabalquinto (Jaén) and in la Roda de Andalucía (Seville). Since 2013, Acesur and the company García-Munté Energía developed a wide range of great quality biomass for thermal applications in industrial processes, heating or air conditioning, achieving a good valuation of this biomass.







cogeneracion webCOGENERACIÓN

Enersur allows to obtain of enough heat to generate steam or hot gas that is used in refining, drying and the production of biomass through the waste produced. The global potency represents more than 100 megawatts, reducing 70,000MT of CO2/ year.


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