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This procedure obtains higher polyphenolic content in extra virgin olive oils, compounds responsible of its flavor and of benefits in health.


PHENOILS has end its second annuity successfully, obtaining its main objective to find and test new extractive techniques to produce HPEVOOs, minor compounds responsible of the most benefits in health to the consumer.


PHENOILS, a project financed by EIT-FOOD (European Food Innovation Community), led by Acesur, and constituted in committee with the Institute of Fat (Spanish National Research Council CSIC), Fraunhofer Technological Center, University of Turin and the Portuguese company Energy Pulses Systems.


After development of first project´s annuity, the new selected extractive methodologies (ultrasound, electromagnetic pulses and both combined) have been tested both at high pilot scale as well as at industrial scale, in RIS countries Spain, Portugal and Italy, which economies are closely related to olive sector.


These trials were carried out during 2021-2022 campaign, from end October to December, with cultivars Manzanilla in Spain, Arbequina in Portugal, and Coratina in Italy, at a medium ripening stage.


Although latest results are in completion phase, results obtained at time zero, both in terms of improved extraction performance and increased polyphenols, with the two technologies and the combined technology have presented optimistic and positive data for the project, so it is expected to successfully finish this second annuity in order to face industrial scale with the final selected technology in 2022´s annuity in new RIS countries.

During the year 2020, Acesur worked on the Phenoils project, studying the implementation of new technologies in mills for a healthier and more profitable extraction of virgin olive oil. This I+D project has the financial support of EIT Food, the European food innovation community, it is formed by Acesur, the Fat Institute (Higher Council for Scientific Research), the Fraunhofer Technology Center, the University of Turin and the company Energy Pulses Systems.


After the completion of the first annuity, the consortium managed to successfully complete the tests referred to 2020, selecting the best potential techniques among those studied and having carried out studies in different varieties of olives (arbequina, manzanilla, hojiblanca, taggiasca and mattea), in different stages of maturation, using new technologies in development (hydrodynamic cavitation, ultrasound and high voltage electrical pulse technology (PEF) , with the aim of increasing the presence of compounds such as tocopherols, polyphenols and other bioactive compounds in virgin olive oil that have a proven positive effect on cardiovascular diseases and metabolic syndrome. After the achievement of these results, EIT FOOD has given the consortium the opportunity to continue developing this project during 2021.


During 2021, with the aim of training and informing potential producers and operators of the international olive sector, after the success achieved in 2020, the tasks related to the educational package will be carried out, with the development of training courses in specialized centers and universities in Italy, Greece and Spain.


After this second annuity, in which the two most efficient technologies will be worked on a pilot scale of great capacity, Acesur and the rest of the consortium hope to obtain conclusive results that allow their industrial implementation.



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