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(16-01-2014) The Minister of agriculture, food and environment, Miguel Arias Cañete, participated in the Forum of the Joly group sponsored by Acesur where he presented a broad review of the present Spanish agro-food sector and more specifically about the olive oil.

Mr. Cañete admitted that olive oil is one of the most important pillars of the national food produced in Spain and was convinced of its internationalization capability. He also said: 'We have to sell the image of Spanish olive oil', and to highlight the importance of maintaining high standards and guaranty of this product. I have signed a protocol of the quality of olive oil, and I bet on this'.

The Minister of Agriculture also spoke about the CAP reform and that he has tried to be as fair as possible and that 'farmers will receive the right amount that they had to receive'. Furthermore Mr. Arias Cañete will help the agro-food sector to carry out changes in the cooperatives so that they are more competitive at the international level.

(12/10/2013) Acesur has had the exclusive distribution of pastas and sauces of the Italian manufacturer Garofalo in Spain and Portugal, which is registering a strong growth since it entered into the Spanish market from 1st of January 2011.

Garofalo pasta is an Italian company of international scope that produces, distributes and sells mainly pasta and sauces of the highest quality, as well as other products of Italian origin. The company follows the traditional techniques and is the reference company in this sector and with more growth in the past decade.

Carlos Guillén Benjumea, belonging to the family that controls the majority of the capital of Acesur, will be in charge of the sales department in the Peninsula of the olive oil making group. Indeed, the involvement of Carlos Guillén who was already exercising the duties of a General Director of the Pasta Garofalo Company in the Iberian Peninsula has been the main trigger for the operation of integration in Acesur, that will absorb the majority of the staff who worked at the Spanish subsidiary of the Italian group.

The integration will optimize the synergies of groups, expanding the already full portfolio of products of Acesur and also taking advantage of this group's sales network.

 Garofalo has managed in just three years an important implementation in retail, positioning itself as the great premium brand present on most shelves. Thus, this exercise expected to end with a traded volume of 4,250 t, 14.6% more than the previous year, with sales between the two countries of 12 M€ (18.6%), in both cases with growth of two digits. The evolution will be predictably more contained the next 2014, which includes reaching the 4.550 t, with a turnover of 8 M€ in Spain. Its progression in retail is still very important and has signed agreements to disembark with their brand of flag, 'Garofalo', on the 'Magnifying glass' (Semark), Froiz, 'Supermarkets moulds' (Victorian molds), 'Maskom', 'HiperDino' and the Canary Islands groups Cencosu and Agrucan. These brand chains are added already to their present brand, such as El Corte Inglés group for all their anagrams of food, Eroski, Caprabo, Makro, Gadisa, El Arbol, Alimerca, Supersol and Hiperber among others. Thus, sales referred from 2013, approximately 64% corresponded to the brand 'Garofalo', percentage falling to 51% in volume. The rest belongs to agreements of MDD, line of business, which also added new contracts. Finally, the Eroski group which has so many homonyms centers like Caprabo, which has begun supplying a range of specialties under the brand name 'Seleqtia'. Garofalo also maintains agreements of MDD for the premium lines of El Corte Ingles, Alimerka, Híper Usera, Dinosol and Musgrave.

In terms of commercial developments in the next year, Acesur will introduce in the Spanish market the brand 'Russo', an Italian manufacturer acquired a few months ago by Garofalo with much notoriety in the area of campaign, cradle of the paste in the transalpine country. Equally, it will launch egg pasta in 250 grams packet and will expand its gluten - free range category which entered the market in 2013. These products are characterized by being prepared with a mixture of different cereals (corn, rice and quinoa). This year, one can see in the market 'Fusillone Garofalo' (500 grams), 'Canneloni Garofalo' (250 grams), 'Cous Cous Garofalo' (500 grams) and sauces 'Garofalo' like genovesse pesto, pesto rosso, Bolognese, Neapolitan, parmigiana and romana.

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