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Acesur and the company Garcia-Munte Energía S.L. which is dedicated to the distribution of energy, an important raw material are committed to innovation, creation of employment, and protection and growth of the environment. In the field of renewable energy this company has developed a wide range of plant origin products; they have established 50% of the company called PROCESSING OF BIOMASS OF DEL SUR S.L.

This partnership aims to jointly undertake the installation of a biomass plant for thermal applications in Puente del Obispo, in Baeza (Jaén) which can provide biomass of great quality for thermal applications in industrial processes, heating, air conditioning, etc. Thus this presents undoubted economic advantages for the consumers of this source of energy, the environment and at the same time it achieves a good valuation of this biomass.

The President of Acesur, Juan Ramón Guillén Prieto, has received the Gold Medal of merit at work presented by the Minister of employment and Social Security, Fátima Báñez. This award was presented with the aim of highlighting the merit of a socially useful behavior and being an example in performing duties imposed in any job, profession or service.

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