Acesur 5 About us 5 Mission, Vision & Values

Mission, Vision & Values


Offer foods with trusted brands that satisfy customers and consumers for their quality, variety, innovation, contribution to health and contribution to environmental sustainability.


To be a company recognized by:


  • To be the exemplary leader in the category of olive oils and seeds in Spain under prestigious brands.
  • To be the Spanish leader in the export of olive oils and packaged value-added oils. Our capacity for innovation and for adding value to customers and consumers.
  • Produce and manage services and products with the highest quality always.
  • Commitment to employees, customers, consumers and the environment.
  • The maintenance of its familiar, flexible and close character.


At Acesur, we are excited about continuous improvement. The work we develop is the result of commitment within the framework of its culture and values. This commitment motivates each one of us in particular, and all the members of the team in general, to be responsible for and maximum exponents of the success of our business project based on the following values:


In every one of our processes and products, offering our clients and consumers the best of our expertise. This value, a pillar of our culture, drives us to continuously innovate, improve, and offer the Acesur guarantee.


Have the utmost consideration for others and the environment in which you work. The establishment of professional relationships is based on the knowledge and acceptance of the other party, in order to better respond to their needs, offers and/or motivations.


Work, giving the maximum of each one of us, with the resources we have, with a focus on results that add value and make our company grow. Meet the objectives, being efficient and exemplary in the way of achieving them.


Act in good faith with the company and with others, generating trust and credibility and making us be perceived as impeccable professionals, oriented towards external and internal clients.


Efficient and adequate use of all resources, being careful and honest with everything that benefits the company. Respecting and caring for the environment in which we operate.

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